Difficult acetabular revision. A preliminary report.


Thirteen patients (14 hips) underwent revision from conventional cemented total hip arthroplasty to uncemented acetabular threaded screw-in components and cementless femoral press-fit stems by means of the Autophor, Biofit, and Ti-Thread designs. The patients suffered from all forms of primary hip disease except rheumatoid arthritis; their average age was 34 years. The average preoperative Harris hip score was 39.4; the average postoperative score was 71.2 at six months, 90.6 at one year, and 91.6 at two years. Complications included two femoral shaft fractures, one femoral nerve palsy, and one dislocation. No signs have been observed of loosening or migration as of an early (6-24 months) follow-up.


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