Mobile Banking as Technology Adoption and Challenges: A Case of M-Banking in India


If technological revolution is at its peak, one of the notable sectors of the economy where technology is at it helm of affairs with respect to customer service is BANKING. Over the years, banking has transcended from a traditional brick-and mortar model of customers queuing for services in the banks to modern day banking where banks can be reached at any point for their services. In today’s business, technology has been on the predominant indicators of growth and competitiveness. The banking industry today is in the industry of its revolution. Information technology has basically been used under two different avenues in banking. One is communication and connectivity and other is business process. Today, banks have welcomed wireless and mobile technology into their boardroom to offer their customers the freedom to pay bills, planning payments while stuck in traffic jams, to receive updates on the various marketing efforts while present at a party to provide more personal and intimate relationships. This paper examines consumer adoption of a new electronic payment service as mobile banking and the factors influencing the adoption of mobile banking in India.


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